Ashley Is Setting the Pace for Our Team

Recognition is a pillar of our Pro Maverick Consultants culture because we know how good it feels to receive praise for a job well done. This month, we’re pleased to shine our company spotlight on Ashley and the great work she is doing as a member of our team.

Ashley has her hands in every aspect of the business. She is well-versed in organizational, recruiting, sales, and administrative roles of the firm. Also, she’s willing to do whatever is necessary to make things happen. She is a great team player and is always eager to collaborate so that the best results can be achieved for our national service partners.

There are many business advantages that come from frequently recognizing associates. For example, being honored for an achievement or for putting in the effort on a long-term project makes us feel happy. This in turn leads to higher productivity, which increases results, which generates more recognition. This loop generates much of Pro Maverick Consultants’ positive energy.

Also, by giving credit where credit is due, we are able to lower turnover. Recognition is a show of respect, and when people feel respected at their places of work, they are comfortable making long-term commitments to those teams and companies.

Congratulations again to Ashley on standing out from her peers and being a positive role model. See who we honor next by checking out our Pro Maverick Consultants Newswire feed.