Austin Earns the Above and Beyond Award

Recognition is one of the core elements of our Pro Maverick Consultants culture, which leads us to congratulate our associates frequently and publicly when they achieve personal or professional milestones. This month, we’re proud to highlight Austin for earning the Above and Beyond Award.

“Austin is one of our team members who is always the first one in and the last one out. He doesn’t just accept responsibility; he asks for it,” shared the President of Pro Maverick Consultants, Cierra. “He also looks for ways to be helpful to the entire team. Austin is extremely selfless and works with everyone to help them reach their goals. I think of him as a ‘right hand’ kind of guy. These are just a few of the reasons he won the Above and Beyond Award.”

By freely showing our gratitude and admiration to one another for a job well done, we encourage one another to even greater heights of achievement. Knowing that our efforts are valued and appreciated is incredibly motivating, and when we know we’re being noticed we make sure to do our best work.
Recognition is also a way for us to model successful behavior. By giving Austin the Above and Beyond Award, we are letting everyone else on the team know that he’s someone whose work ethic and attitude can be duplicated.

Congratulations again to Austin for your award; we know it’s just one of many you’ll earn in your career. To see who we recognize next, follow Pro Maverick Consultants on Twitter.