Celebrating a Successful Year With a Black-Tie Affair

Team Pro Maverick Consultants is excited to highlight our upcoming holiday party! This year, we’ll be heading to Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina for our end-of-year celebration.

“There will be a banquet dinner, and it will be a black-tie event,” explained Cierra, President of Pro Maverick Consultants. “Our guys will be dressed in suits while our ladies will be wearing ball gowns. The festivities will also include an awards ceremony, raffles, and philanthropy donations. And I have to say I’m honored and excited to be presenting one of the awards!”

Whenever we have an opportunity to travel together as a team, we take it. The act of traveling itself is a growth experience; just stepping outside the comfort of our normal routines and venturing into uncharted territory builds soft skills vital to success, like resilience and patience. When we can do this as an organization we get to share that growth experience, which brings us closer together as a team.

The time we spend journeying back and forth to our destination is also valuable for connecting with colleagues. When we’re not at the office, we have the chance to bond on a more personal level, without roles and titles defining our interactions. This is where true friendships are built, and these are the foundations of our inviting office environment.

We’re looking forward to a great time in Cherokee with our friends and colleagues, celebrating another successful year. See pictures from the event by liking Pro Maverick Consultants on Facebook.