Gaige Is Expanding Our Operations Into Wilmington

Thanks to digital technology and our global economy, businesses no longer have the option of assuming there will be stability. Growth and innovation are the names of the game. Once a company holds still for too long, it risks losing influence in the marketplace. For this reason, Team Pro Maverick Consultants is proud to announce that we’ll be expanding our operations into a completely new area!

Very soon, Pro Maverick Consultants will be running in Wilmington, North Carolina. Gaige, one of our most motivated and determined people, will be spearheading the expansion in July 2018. Not only does this mean new and bigger development opportunities for our existing team members, it means we will also be adding new team members to our roster. This is good news for us and for Wilmington, because new hires bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm with them.

Gaige has been instrumental in creating this expansion opportunity, so it makes sense that he be the one to oversee it all. It is a testament to his strong work ethic and dogged persistence. There’s no doubt in our minds that he has earned the right to lead this expansion team, and that he will experience success once he settles into the region.

Laurels are nice, but it’s not good to rest on them for too long. To follow Gaige’s progress as he expands our business into a new city, like Pro Maverick Consultants on Twitter.