R&R on the Sands of Punta Cana

Every successful person needs a chance to break away from the ordinary and try something extraordinary once in a while. Within our Pro Maverick Consultants travel program, our people have ample opportunities to explore places new and far, like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Headed to this Caribbean paradise are Cierra and her family. They will enjoy a weekend of much-needed R&R at this annual, invitation-only event. For Pro Maverick Consultants’ President, this event will have many benefits that will inspire our entire team as we celebrate the hard work she has bestowed on our company:

• Networking: Traveling means meeting new people, which means forging powerful connections. Cierra will meet other leaders whom she can add to her impressive contact list.

• Recognition: As our President, Cierra knows that appreciation and rewards are keys to building morale and keeping our team motivated. At the R&R retreat, she’ll be inspired by the people who are recognized for their success and bring some of that energy back to our office so we can learn from their achievements.

• Fun: We know Cierra and her family will have lots of time to enjoy the region’s best attractions. Whether they rest on the beach, relax by the pool, or check out the sights, it’s a much-needed chance to unwind.

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