Setting Sail With Ethan at the Helm

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Pro Maverick Consultants culture. We appreciate the pros who embrace our company’s mission and pursue professional excellence, and we want our gratitude to be known.

This month, we wanted to put Ethan in the spotlight, as he assumes command of Pro Maverick Consultants’ Myrtle Beach office! When asked what he was looking forward to most, he stated: “I’m most excited about working with my associates and building something of my own. I’m going to have a lot of fun implementing my personal leadership style, and I am enthusiastic about helping people excel with the same business opportunity with which I’ve had so much success.”

We also asked Ethan about the skills he thought would be most important to him in his new role. “Every competency I have been developing over the last year will set me up for success, and that’s why I’ve been working on them consistently. My advantage is that I’m always the hungriest person in the room, and I’ve been looking forward to running this company for a long time. Every day I’m going to give 100 percent because there’s nothing I want more than to build this organization.”

Ethan realizes he’s got some work ahead of him though. “With anything new in life there’s going to be challenges. When we first expanded in this area we encountered a variety of obstacles, and I’m sure there will be more. You can never really tell what surprises are in store, but whatever happens we’re prepared.”

We look forward to following Ethan’s lead as he takes charge of our firm. See where he leads us by following Pro Maverick Consultants on Twitter.