Tearing Up the Slopes in Maggie Valley, North Carolina!

Travel is an important part of the Pro Maverick Consultants experience. We offer many opportunities for our team members to see the world together throughout the year, traveling to exotic resorts for leadership retreats and spending weekends at networking conventions.

Sometimes, the trips are a bit more fun-oriented though. For example, we recently journeyed east to Maggie Valley, NC for our Second Annual Pro Maverick Consultants Snowboarding Trip! We’re a very active team, so we are always looking for new chances to show off our athletic sides. Not only was getting out on the slopes together a blast, but we had a lot of fun traveling back and forth to North Carolina as well.

Snowboarding in Maggie Valley was more than just a chance to play; we consider relaxing trips like this a part of our operational strategy. When we break out of our normal routines, we’re giving our minds and bodies a chance to rest. Doing so increases the amount of energy and focus we bring to our work when we do return to the office.

Travel also improves our mental health. Routines are useful, but the human brain requires novelty, too, and trips are an excellent way to broaden our horizons and change our perspectives. This, in turn, fuels innovation and creativity in our outreach campaigns.

We had a great time shredding in Maggie Valley, and we’re already looking forward to returning next year. See what trips we take in the meantime by following Pro Maverick Consultants on Twitter.