Watching Cierra Share Her Knowledge in Dallas

In our personal and professional lives, we find any kind of travel to be an educational experience. It broadens our horizons, breaks us out of our comfort zones, and helps us gain fresh perspectives. This is why Pro Maverick Consultants takes part in educational seminars and weekend conferences as often as possible.

Recently, several members of our team returned from a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. The top names in our industry were there, sharing their knowledge through hands-on training sessions and impactful talks. Cierra, President of Pro Maverick Consultants, was even one of the speakers! It was extremely satisfying to watch Cierra being rewarded for her hard work, especially at such a large event attended by professionals from across North America.

Cierra spoke about how to develop frontrunners, teaching the same methods that we’ve seen her use in our office time and time again. “I try to go beyond the basic skills required to be a manager and help people understand what it means to be a leader,” Cierra explained. “Leadership is very important in business, and those with the aptitude deserve to be recognized. To me, it’s all about being the best version of yourself and being the person you want to follow.”

The Dallas conference is always exciting, but this year was the best by far. To find out where we’re traveling next, like Pro Maverick Consultants on Facebook.