When the Opportunity Presents Itself, Take the Lead

Leadership isn’t something that can be taught. It’s a trait that is honed through practice and opportunity. Within Pro Maverick Consultants, we provide such avenues in many ways. Not only do our people get to put their managerial talents to work in our office, but also on a broader level.

Cierra, Pro Maverick Consultants’ President, is extending her leadership chops beyond the team’s scope and into a more industry-wide level. She will be at the helm of a one-week trip to Key West, Florida. The focus on this excursion will be team meetings and training workshops in which attendees will learn about best practices in customer acquisitions and the services provided by our national partners. She will also run many of these meetings and workshops.

In addition to leading this event, Cierra will have the pleasure of networking with many individuals who have become legends in this business. This is a great chance for her to develop her professional connections as she shows how she can lead others.

“I fully intend to make this event one in which each attendee leaves with a better understanding of our industry and how we’re making a difference for customers and partners alike,” said Cierra. “This is my primary objective for this week.”

This adventure is about more than just work. Cierra and participants will get to hit the beach and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time.

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